We all somewhere inside understand that electric is the future of transportation. Loads and loads of innovation in transport is directed towards an electric future but one thing that stays common in all these innovation projects is the futuristic designs. On the other hand motorcycle brotherhood is split between the future designs which see a lot of following and the vintage designs where the heart stays.

Electric Bike with Military Drone Powerplant - Jambon Beurre Motorcycle - motomacht 3

And this story about Jambon Beurre Motorcycle‘s latest creation is exactly that. The future and the efficiency logic of the future clubbed with design and motorcycle emotion of the past. Future and Past in the Present (just wanted to say it out loud).

Jambon Beurre Motorcycles is a Paris based custom shop run by an artist (Antonio) and an automobile Industry finance executive (Benjamin) and just to say that there Instagram feed is one of the most interesting(read entertaining) we have come across till now, for someone from the custom-motorcycles space.

Electric Bike with Military Drone Powerplant - Jambon Beurre Motorcycle - motomacht 7

About the recent accomplishment of theirs, the JBM duo has been nibbling with the thought of a powerful electric dirt-track racer for almost an year and they could materialize the thought with a support from Jean Louis comics. The idea of electric vintage track racer was inspired from a BMW e-scooter. The task now was to create something silent, powerful and motorcycle-ish (not scooter-ish). As per Benjamin “We wanted to put a very powerful electric drivetrain into a vintage bike frame, to make a dirt track bike with more than 100 hp and a 100 km range. Road legal, but able to run in dirt track races. The design had to be a mix between futuristic technology and ‘vintage dirty’ motorcycle.”

Electric Bike with Military Drone Powerplant - Jambon Beurre Motorcycle - motomacht 5

And this very powerful electric drive-train was sourced from a startup from France, that deals in electric power management tools and sets, PYMCO. And what JBM received from them was a 180 NM/80 kiloWatt liquid cooled power generator. This brushless power generator was meant to power military drones as its original task. Obviously unlike other motorcycle engines, the generator block sits in the middle of the frame with its clean lines and black transformer appeal.

To bring out the best of this electric generator JBM installed a lithium-ion battery pack that can generate an electric current of 800 A. This 6.5 kilowatt hours battery pack is a custom designed unit for the motorcycle and operates at 110 V current. Once fully-charged it offers the motorcycle a range of approximately 100 km and it takes a time of 2.5 hours to completely charge the unit (20 minutes with a special car charger).

Electric Bike with Military Drone Powerplant - Jambon Beurre Motorcycle - motomacht 12

The team gathered parts from different donors for the build of the motorcycle, classic BMW, Honda XL and Suzuki DR800 to be precise. However, as this is a completely build from scratch arrangement wherein the dimensions cannot be precisely anticipated. So there were a lot of edits done to the frames and parts to fit all in as a tight package.

One of the smartest things about this package is providing function to the otherwise conventional parts which would render useless in such a setting. Such as the clutch of the motorcycle. Since the gears and transmission is linear for the motorcycle, the clutch seems redundant. In place of the clutch is a re-generative brake. The concept of regenerative braking is not new but is unheard of in the motorcycle segment. The brakes when applied will use the motion of the motorcycle to add electric supply to the battery enabling the battery to do more.

Electric Bike with Military Drone Powerplant - Jambon Beurre Motorcycle - motomacht 11

Also, as there is no fuel to burn, the tank becomes non-functional. According to the JBM team, a motorcycle without a tank is not possible, tank gives the identity of the motorcycle, hence the Suzuki T125 80’s tank now houses the water cooling pump apparatus and standard electrical equipment, regenerative electrical braking system talked above.

The front headlight unit is a battery box (which was designed by JBM team for another motorcycle). Mounted on 3D printed brackets, the unit houses a LED light, essential switches and a motogadget electronic display.

Electric Bike with Military Drone Powerplant - Jambon Beurre Motorcycle - motomacht 6

The motorcycle manages to reaches a top speed of 160 kmph and clocks 0-100 kmph in 3.5 seconds. Julien Dupont, trial freestyle rider, will run this electric flat tracker in a French Dirt Track series next year.

As per Benjamin, “People don’t see you as a ‘threat,’ and that changes everything. Forbidden forests, construction sites, empty fields…we even rode with horses. That’s impossible with a gas bike!

“That’s the day we understood that electric bikes are not just a silent and emission-free solution to replace gas ones: they’re a real other way to enjoy motorcycling.”

Summary in Parts

Created from different set of motorcycles, A classic BMW, Suzuki DR800 and Honda XL.

PYMCO 180 NM/80 kilowatt Liquid cooled power generator (military drone power unit)

110 V and 6.5 kilowatt-hours custom designed battery unit

1980’s angular Suzuki T125 tank unit that houses the Regenerative Braking kit and elecricals

Top Speed: 160 kmph
0-100 kmph: 3.5 seconds
Charging time: 2.5 hours (standard charger) | 20 minutes (Special charger)

Thank you JBM and Bikeexif for such an interesting story.

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