There has always been a certain attraction towards the dark, the villains. The predators who deserve the attention because they are meant for that role and it is their truth. The alienesque stance, the charmingly furious face and the quintessential nonchalance are some of the special characteristics possessed by the black hat gods and Unik edition’s ‘The Roca Project‘ is something like that.

Unik edition is a Porto Salvo, Portugal based custom workshop run by two friends Tiago Gonçalves and Luis Gonçalves and their creations have been making the right noise – also see (The Hulk).

BMW Airhead customized- Unik Edition - The Roca Project - motomacht 8

So as the story goes, “We went to the westernmost point of the European mainland, Cabo da Roca. Over coffee we talked about our dream bikes, and came up with the idea of this build.” – as per Gonçalves friends.

And as their first motorcycle, the BMW got a complete new identity, not just by the looks and styling of it but the complete experience of the motorcycle. The Gonçalves duo have given a complete new proportion structure to the motorcycle.

BMW Airhead customized- Unik Edition - The Roca Project - motomacht 6

The biggest addition comes in the front, devil’s teeth, the springer front end girder forks built from scratch to give the character that in a way changes the complete identity of the classic Airhead. As the forks have used the headlight slot, the LED front light is now suspended on the left of the motorcycle (just left side). In order to complete the overall stance the rear frame is edited new now. The footpegs sit lifted from the previous spot and the rear gas shock absorbers are elevated with new mounting points.

BMW Airhead customized- Unik Edition - The Roca Project - motomacht 5

The tank receives an upgrade from the R45 unit to a more visually identifiable R80. The new tank matches the overall masculinity of the motorcycle.

Edits in the engine are more about displacement than addition, a lithium ion battery holds the place for what was previously an air filter. Ignition comes in to replace the air intake region and external K&N filters coupled with Bing Carburetors does its job of better air flow and cleaner air flow.

BMW Airhead customized- Unik Edition - The Roca Project - motomacht 4

Summary of Parts:

A built from scratch springer girder forks clubbed with a side mounted LED headlight, a R80 tank and a newer color combination. Plus, powder-coated black suspension, wheels and frame.

A new rear set frame imparting more racing characteristic to the rider stance and seating position

Side mounted LED headlight, Motogadget speedo, Frame integrated tail light and turn indicators

BMW Logo
Black and White instead of Blue and White

Displacement in the positions of air-filter and intake, external K&N fliters plus Bing carburetors and a lithium ion battery unit.

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