We have all had a fascination at some time to nostalgically restore something good from the past. The parts that are functioning are improved and the ones that are not are repaired or replaced. And then in front of your eyes it turns to gold, this is where the magic lies.

A quite similar story with the Unik editions BMW R65 customization story. Unik edition is a Porto Salvo, Portugal based workshop run by Tiago Gonçalves and Luis Gonçalves. The two friends have started customizing recently and are already creating their own niche in the ever fancy customizing world.

BMW R65 customized - Unik Edition Hulk - motomacht 3

A 1982 BMW R65 was acquired from a local garage and altered it in Lisbon. The most attention was given to the design of the motorcycle, esp. the frame. The overall paint scheme has a play of gold on the frame and the wheels. The Yamaha Virago 1100 tank was chosen to show more of the frame for the glitter.

For the proper stance with a proper look, the front suspension length was reduced by an effective 5 cm and the other end of the frame sees 390 mm Hagon shocks extended to stock 18″ inch snowcast wheels with Rizoma rear sets.

BMW R65 customized - Unik Edition Hulk - motomacht 4

Rizoma 70 mm handlebar raisers are installed for the upright seating position. The M blaze bar also houses a motogadget wiring harness and pin indicators on command of M-button switches. The ignition is controlled by the Bing K&N pods air filters.

BMW R65 customized - Unik Edition Hulk - motomacht 2

Summary of Parts

A Yamaha Virago 1100 tank on the BMW R65 set frame

Front Suspension
Shortened front suspension and 390 mm Hagon shocks at the rear cupped on Rizoma rear raiser set

Rizoma 70mm handlebar raisers with motogadget wiring harness and M-button switches.

19″ front wheel and 18″ rear snowcast wheels with gold & black hue mix.

Story Credits: The Bike Shed
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