“Fast Loud Deathproof”, this is the philosophy followed by Suicide Machine Company

Suicide Machine company is a Long Beach, California based custom motorcycle garage managed by Guardado brothers, Aaron and Shaun and have produced some famous high-performance motorcycles and a proven record in racing flat track racers primarily in Harley Hooligan and Super Hooligan series.

This time the task given to them was to turn a 450 cc motocross build into a flat-track racer. As per Aaron, “Husqvarna approached us for a build to showcase their latest model, the FC 450. Husqvarna has got a strong racing heritage, and given our involvement with flat track, it seemed like a perfect match.”

Husqvarna FC 450 customized - Suicide Machine Company - motomacht 7

As per Aaron, “Coming in stock at over 63 hp, this electric starting, EFI bike is the perfect bike to take to the flat track. It’s the ideal platform for us to practice in and eventually race – the AFT single class”.

Husqvarna FC 450 customized - Suicide Machine Company - motomacht 8

The major difference between a motocross performer and a flat track racer is the riding style and to get the right ride, Suicide Machine Company had to edit the suspension, the wheels and tires and the handle bars primarily. The standard FC 450 WP suspension was shortened to lower the motorcycle stance and then tuned for flat track racing. The suspension alone, however, does not do the job, for the correct steering response the forks were paired with the set of factory standard adjustable clamps.

Husqvarna FC 450 customized - Suicide Machine Company - motomacht 5

Dunlop DT3s in medium CD5 compound channeled on a set of Dubya USA 19″ Excel black spoke custom wheels. The combination advised highly for the flat-track race dynamics.

Next big thing is the handle, the duo trusted the ProTaper dirt track bars clubbed with a Motion Pro Rev2 variable throttle to keep a control on the desired response from the throttle run.
As per Aaron “Whether you want to accelerate quickly with a small turn of throttle, or have a longer opening for smooth acceleration, this is a great addition on any bike – on or off road.”

Along with the edits to the suspension and the handle, a major edit that makes this motorcycle so exciting is the addition of a Rekluse auto clutch married to an adjustable slave cylinder. Aaron explained that the auto clutch works intelligently to control the flow while constantly checking the RPM, monitors the initial wheel spin and also manages the power transfer to ensure motorcycle does not stall at the turns without manual intervention of clutch modulation. In addition, the auto clutch controls the wheel movement and does not stop abruptly if the engine fails at any point.

Husqvarna FC 450 customized - Suicide Machine Company - motomacht Rekluse Auto clutch

Summary of Parts:

Primarily paint and decals with a play of white and blue anodized sections. A Saddlemen seat with a friction grip to hold strongly.

Front Suspension
Shortened and tuned standard FC 450 suspension

ProTaper dirt track handle bars clubbed with a motion pro rev2 variable rate throttle kit.

Rekluse Auto clutch

Dunlop Racing DT3s (CD5) on Dubya USA Excel 19″ black spoke custom wheels

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Story Credits: Bike Exif
Photo Credits: Patrick Evans