There are not many who would love to ride a 49cc motorcycle these days, even few who would passionately own a set of these (both, custom & stock). But, who cares about the ones who would not. We care about the ones who would.

Analog motorcycles was started by Tony Prust in 2008 with a simple analogy – Analog music. complex in thought and design, yet simple and pure in execution. The philosophy extends further to ‘If we can’t locate something to our liking. We take it upon ourselves to design it’ at Analog Motor Goods – Precise, durable custom motorcycle parts.

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From the maker of the motorcycle to the Michigan based owner, Del Thomas. Del has been Analog motorcycle’s customer since 2013 and owns a motorcycle model from every decade, except the 50s. And Cuccilo is a project that took sometime to build for the duo.

The overall motorcycle is a treat to the eyes, the kingfisher blue color with a continuous play of brass and leather and the leather battery wallet and steel tank. But the most significant of all is the commitment and effort given to creating a beautiful machine independent of time. The commitment made Tony design all the wires and cables in house so that they fit perfectly well and function as desired.

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The stainless tank gets an unusual arrangement of leather belts fastening and a blue and gold ‘Little Puppy’ – Cucciolo logo The frame was received from the original and restored by repairing the essential sections as per the requirement. The frame was supplied with bearing spacers for the shaft and a modified crank set for the engine fit and function. Also, the leather bag sitting on the vertical end of the frame, houses a 12V total loss battery to power the lighting setup.

Summary in parts:

The original 49cc Ducati motor tuned for smooth functioning.

the original frame repaired with brass, aluminium and stainless steel accents. Bearing spacers for shaft and modified crank.

Original handlebar with a twist throttle, tailored lever for the clutch, decompression kill switch and a dual-pull brake system that controls both the brakes together

Front – Standard front suspension

Denali taillight and micro LED headlight.

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