“We needed that pure inspiration only a child could have; a true young adventurer” – Bujar and Gaz Muharremi, on the design inspiration for – Type 0.1. Bujar and Gaz Muharremi are brothers who run Auto Fabrica based out of London. Auto Fabrica has created some amazing cafe racers and their latest creation, Type 0.1, is to inspire a younger audience.

Mini Bike (50 cc) - Auto Fabrica - motomacht 2

As Type 0.1 was not designed to be street legal, the speed gauges and electronics were given a rest. Also, which is why the whole motorcycle took a month to complete.

The Muharremi brothers followed the process they use with their other custom motorcycles to design Type 0.1. The team sourced the donor parts, rebuilt and restored the mechanical elements and then hand-created, modeled and finished the remaining necessities.

Mini Bike (50 cc) - Auto Fabrica - motomacht 3

Summary in parts:

A fine tuned and rebuilt – Italian Franco Morini 50 cc single speed two stroke motor.

A de-tabbed frame, taken from a 70’s kids mini bike. Looped to oblige a hand-stitched black suede seat.

Small MX bar with a throttle and two brake levers (no headlight and speedo)

Front – A slightly altered mini bike forks
Rear – Completely custom rear shocks

A created from scratch exhaust with a heat shield. Exhaust was created by sand-bending process and then coupled with a expansion chamber.

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