Anvil Motociclette is a Milan based workshop, created by Phonz and San Marco. Phonz and San Marco started as part-time builders and they have gotten better since then, recently one of their creations was displayed at Bike Shed London 2017, yes it is a big deal.

The task given for the Ducati S4R was to create an aggressive no-nonsense motorcycle. And as per their style they started to working on the motorcycle as per the brief. The result – “Warthog

In the edited new ‘Warthog’, the edits that impressed the most were:

The stripped down naked minimal motorcycling, shedding off the extra bits and welding aluminium that displays an ideally not-ready motorcycle. The unslightly rawness somehow manages to create more attraction than repulsion, for many.

The Tank, the raw aluminium welded setup placed on the frame is an eye-wash air-box placeholder. The body extends from the tank unit to the tail in a single frame. The fuel container, now, is positioned under the seat with newer wiring and intake settings. The filler cap is stationed at the tail section of the motorcycle and needs an apparatus to fill it.

Another interesting aspect is the ‘Warthog’ badge at the front of the tank that sees the handle

The original parts taken from the S4R are:
– The Engine
– S4R Swing Arm
– Wheels and tires
– Brakes & Suspension

The edits, though mostly cosmetic include:
Body: A bare boned – welded aluminium single unit from tank to tail
Handle: Tommaselli upright handlebars for faster street outbreaks
Suspension: Black powdered Showa fork with golden hue on the stanchions for a matched look with the stock Brembo brakes
Wheels: Black colored stock Marchiseni wheels, with Pirelli MT06RS dual sport tyres.
Exhausts: Officine Italian Zard

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