It took Bottpower more than a year to make Buell Bott XR1R, a machine that made Bottpower owner, David Sanchez himself state – “It is an incredible engine, with brutal torque at low RPM and a sound that gives goosebumps every time I warm it up.”

Bottpower is a spanish motorsport engineering company that produces some extremely attractive Buell XBs, attractive as a design and attractive as a machine at events like Pikes Peak International hill Climb races (12 miles race course, 4720 ft and 156 turns) and David Sanchez is the motorcycle designer and builder as per his Instagram page.

As per Bikeexif, BOTT XR1R took close to an year to reach the perfection we see today.

Bottpower - Buell XR1R - motomacht 6

The most unique design changes are:

The air intake system – The twin horn setup that is placed in place of the tank is a carbon fiber air-box that has two 3D printed, nylon, air intakes to provide a consistent supply of air-cooling to the desired sections. This air-intake system then pushes the fuel tank in the middle of the motorcycle, between the rear shocks.

Bottpower - Buell XR1R - motomacht 5

And the BOTT special, backbone style frame, which is partly the reason for the redesign in the position of the air-intake system and the tank. The original frame setup of the Buell XBs is a twin spar setup but as BOTT team trusts the backbone style frame, they worked on stiffer steel and titanium as per the Pikes Peak rules.

Bottpower - Buell XR1R - motomacht 4


The original stock parts from the Buell are:
– The Engine
– XBRR Swing Arm
– Exhaust
– Rear Brake


Bottpower - Buell XR1R - motomacht 2

The additions from Bottpower –

Summary of Parts:

A displaced two-horn intake system and a displaced tank in the middle of the rear shocks + The mid section and the tail are carbon fiber single unit

A backbone styled frame with a redesigned air-intake system and tank placement.

Front Suspension
Lighter Öhlin’s forks customized by CeraCarbon with Öhlin’s TTX25 cartridges, ceramic coated carbon fiber inner tubes.

Rear Suspension
Öhlin’s TTX shocks

Easton bars & risers, Renthal Grips, Domino throttle, Ducabike switches and Brembo controls + 3D printed casing to hold the AIM speedo and GoPro

IDS enabled engine altitude mapping + AIM monitored Data acquisition system (for Big Data for real)

Front Brakes
Brembo brake system

Ultra-light carbon fiber Rotobox wheels with on titanium axles.

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