Often attraction is associated with power. Things that intimidate us, mostly also attract us (and this is a proven theory).

This is what I felt about the Vagabund – V07 or ‘The Whale’ when I read about it for the first time. Drawing to ‘The Whale’ analogy, this seemed like my ‘Moby Dick’ moment, my fan boy moment. The first appearance of the V07 fascinated me with powerful images in black and silver, the old school simple and minimal design and the coolest part – the latch.

BMW R100R Custom Motorcycle - Vagabund V07 The Whale - motomacht side

There are not a lot of vehicles that we end up loving almost everything about, some will have a brilliant hue while others will be about the newly carved headlight, some will be about the motogadget accessories while others about the concept of café-racers itself. The V07, is however, what we needed, in order to trust the independents again – a complete motorcycle that can be awed at. The parts that appealed to us the most were the design and the open latch.

BMW R100R Custom Motorcycle - Vagabund V07 The Whale - motomacht front

The Design:
The part of the design that stands out is the tank in aluminum, shaped like a whale. The upper body is a single unit housing the tank and a contrasting black embossed leather seat. To add the right amount of class to the vehicle the Vagabund team added an acrylic panel that reveals a motogadget speedo.

The neat use of colors, a play of silver on black, keeps things usual when everything is unusual here. We are used to the color combination so well that this keeps things simple in our head. The engine and the wheel spokes are all coated black to add to the detail. Most of the propulsion parts are black and the styling parts aluminum. The aluminum hue also extends to the headlight unit, the front mudguard and the side exiting aluminum capped exhaust.

BMW R100R Custom Motorcycle - Vagabund V07 The Whale - motomacht

Coming to the next exciting feature, the latch:

First things first, this is not a mere design. This latch has a purpose –

          • To access the electronics

          • To access the value add accessories and

          • To leave you speechless

The latch unit of course, took a lot of retrials to enable smooth functioning of the gas shock latch and to not disturb the operations of other parts. As we understand, this was all practiced on a prototype first and then once sure’d was taken in into the aluminum whale bod.

Once opened, the latch would reveal a clean hand-sewn leather tray by Werkdorf, that stocks a stormproof lighter, a Leatherman and a matching card wallet (I would show it off, if ever I rode it).

BMW R100R Custom Motorcycle - Vagabund V07 The Whale - motomacht The Latch

And once shut, the latch would make you think about how cool is that latch.

The features are not the ones that make ‘V07’ what it is, the eye to the detail does. This is a work of admiration and we appreciate Vagabund’s effort and commitment to propel the world of motorcycling to the next stage. Yes, there is a need for a next stage because we believe that our world of vehicles is losing its charm and there are some like Vagabund who are working to bring the charm back to this side again.

Thank you for the hope, Vagabund. You are the Whale.

BMW R100R Custom Motorcycle - Vagabund V07 The Whale - motomacht back

Overall edit sum-up:

Body: A single aluminum tank + Seat monocoque with seat in embossed leather. Acrylic tank panel with motogadget speedo.
Chassis: A custom sub-frame mounted on the chassis for an underseat tray, decorated with a stormproof lighter, a Leatherman and a matching wallet
Front: An aluminum headcasing + aluminum mudguard | Shaved shorter front forks + Internals and fork caps from Honda Transalp. Also, a CNC Milled Fork stabalizer.
Handle: Trimmed Handlebars with in house 3D printed switches mounted on LSL trimmed handlebars + Grimeca Brake master & Domino cluth lever
Lights: Aluminum headlight casing + Seat embedded tail light + Motogadget turn signals
Wheels: Original tires with powder coated rims + twin 320 mm disc brakes
Battery: A new Lithium ion unit with a new regulator and a diode board + modified Airbox and Ignition coil

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BMW R100R Custom Motorcycle - Vagabund V07 The Whale - motomacht side 2