There is always a way out for those clever enough to find it – Rick Riordan.

And this saying becomes completely true when it comes to one of the most passionate road riders + wave riders ever – Maria Riding Company. The attitude reflects in the designs – A free, uncompromising and passionate spirit.

Yamaha XSR700 customized | Maria riding company the orbiter| motomacht

2016 at Art & Moto the Maria team test drove the new Yamaha XSR700 that Yamaha Portugal lent them and they really liked the agility, the smoothness and the speed, XSR 700 had to offer. And the team loved it even more when they were invited to customize the motorcycle for Yard Built.

Their words – “Because it’s such a cool initiative and a project we always respected and followed with interest, we obviously said yes. After our sketch was approved by Yamaha Europe we got the green light to start working. Let’s go!”

Yamaha XSR700 customized | Maria riding company the orbiter| motomacht
Original Yamaha XSR700 v/s The Orbiter

And come 2017 we have this twin-exhaust piped design, number 63, colored for race, The Orbiter.

Yamaha XSR700 customized - Maria riding company the orbiter - motomacht tires

The motorcycle design and appeal has trademark ‘Maria’ written all over it. For us, however, the dual exhaust pipes did the trick, we think exhausts are what build the character of this motorcycle, the pipes assign a meaning to ‘the Orbiter’. An underbelly exhaust might have done the trick but dual pipes on the sides assign the appeal, project the menacing look and conveys the explorer slant.

The take me anywhere psyche is enhanced by the availability of the dual sport Anakee wild Michelin’s sported on swish Kineo spoked tubeless 19 inch wheels.

The order of edits for the motorcycle see a different piece together for almost everything.

Body: A completely new single unit of aluminium tank and tail (with the original fuel pump) built on the standard Yamaha XSR700 Chassis.
Blank off plates and number boards (63)
Front: Yamaha MT-09 front end with longer forks, new triple trees, new radiator guards and radial brakes(instead of ABS)
Handle mount: Renthal twinwill bars and grips, LSL levers and no speedo.
Lights: Small circular headlight and motogadget turn indicators (actually they did not want a headlight at all)
Wheels: Tubeless 19inch bespoked wheels with Michelin’s dual sport tires
Performance: Stainless steel Twin Exhaust pipes

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