Ever heard a story where a rider rode a white motorcycle from town to town. The master was welcomed in every town he entered, he was given shelter, respect and obviously gained a lot of female attention as well. Master Skyway ensured that all the riders who rode him also got what they deserved.

Unfortunately, this is not a true story but one look at the Skyway and you start believing that it can be.

We hope Jeremy understands the power of what he has created . This looks like a dream in white. The aesthetics of the motorcycle are thus what makes the motorcycle so interesting. We read that this is inspired by BMX bikes and their white plastic wheels from the 80’s. 80’s era means inspiration for our generation and ideally, a rightly inspired project should look like this.

BMW R80 customized - Hutchbilt Skyway - motomacht 4

After you are done admiring the purity and clever use of white, look closely at the handlebar and you would notice the absence of the conventional meters. The astonishment continues once you locate a motogadget digital motoscope placed in the middle of the handlebar with a keyless ignition. The competition is over, go home guys. We have a winner already.


The extra appeal is added by the custom hexagonal stitched napa suede walnut seat and tank cover. The graphics, however, get their inspiration from BMW racing colors.

BMW R80 customized - Hutchbilt Skyway - motomacht-display

The other edits on the motorcycle include –

Chassis/Design: BMW R80 original Chassis, BMX inspired 80’s design.
Front: Yamaha R6 front, Repurposed anti-aitcraft grade headlight, LED indicators, keyless ignition and motoscape digital meter from motogadget.
Front Wheel: custom 3CR12 dual disc rotors
Rear: Under the seat LED tail light, custom adjustable suspension
Tank: Designed in BMW racing colors, custom billet gas cap – black silver and Hutchbilt logo in walnut brown

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BMW R80 customized - Hutchbilt Skyway - motomacht - all elements