Q1. What would you do when you have a well-sculpted physique?

You probably would show it off.

Ilya from Birdie customs, moscow, probably had a similar thought.

A straight line beautiful trellis frame generally stays away from all the attention and provides stability hidden
under the hood. But sometimes you get to come out and breathe, express the mettle and speak about the robustness of the founding design.

It is encouraging when the independents work towards building not just another custom motorcycle but create a charmer that has a deeper impact. Ilya from Birdie customs has proven to be one such inspired thinker.

Object - Birdie customs Ducati 900

For us what stood out the most was obviously the audacious design of the tank operating from inside the otherwise besuited trellis frame. At Birdie customs, Moscow, the frame sits outside the operating tank.
Another thing which was equally amusing was a differently enabled single eyed headlight expression. Both the head and the tail light were crafted using acrylic lenses with LED internals. The front structure stands with the support of aluminium brackets.

custom-ducati -900- supersport-customized-headlight

The cafe racer is nothing like it’s original avatar which means almost every part of the motorcycle has seen a different being. so much so that the turn signals and the speedo do not exist in the newer life.

The rest of the edits included:

Chassis: The tank sees the inside of the chassis line, a rebuilt rear with lower seat height and footpeg
Front: New tuned suspension system with new cartridges, brake and clutch reservoir set from Rizoma,
stripped down switches and leather grips.
Front & Rear Wheel: Spoked Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tires.
Rear: A rebuilt rear with lower seat height and a preformed tail.
Tank: Tank built to fit in the frame.
Paint: An Italian finish for the true Ducati emotion – Red, white and Green.

Italy - Red white Green Birdie customs Ducati 900

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Birdie customs Ducati 900 - motomacht 2