Electric is the new toy for the industry and from the looks of it, it really deserves that kind of an attention and fandom.

For the concept here however, just an article might not justify, a thesis might do justice or probably would a star wars presence. ‘E-lisabad‘ sounds like the warrior we should send for our first inter-planetary discussions with the aliens, because the look says that planet Earth is more advanced than what aliens might think of us to be. We can add C-17 (BMW C– evolution and 2017 for a stronger impact), E-lisabad C-17.

One cannot help but notice the proud graphite black face mounted on a complex and appealing electric circuit-board. The choice of design by Rolf Reick is highly unconventional and as per Rolf this is inspired by his grandmother’s cubic tea service from the 1920s and hence the name E-lisabad, after his grandmother. The face structure developed by Rolf can be conveniently attached/detached and also makes the custom design lighter than the C-evolution the motorcycle is structured on.

BMW-C-evolution-customized-E-LisaBad | Krautmotors | motomacht

The circuitry is by BMW and Rolf understandably left their work unperturbed, of course.

Other edits include:
Chassis: A completely rigid structure by taking out the shock absorbers
Front: Stub handlebars from LSL
Rear Wheel: A slick tyre

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Rear Wheel Krautmotors C-Evolution BMW Customized
Rear Wheel Krautmotors C-Evolution BMW Customized