Motorcycles, in my opinion, have shied away from hues. There were more colors in the cafe-racers of the heydays, the vibrance of cafe-racers were then succeeded by the brightness of the reds and greens of emerging sports motorcycles. This sports motorcycle phenomenon and decal laden motorcycle character extended its stay for long.

Until now. when the culture is changing its colors again (literally) and so is the emergence of a pintresty color palette.

We are really proud of this appreciation worthy work by team NCT.

This was created as a raffle prize for the 20th annual European Bike week as a request from Motodrom Sintschnig (Harley Dealer – Austria). As for what we understand the NCT team had a definitely restricted a budget line to either tamper with the technical specifications of this entry level Harley or could have enhanced the appeal for the eventual buyer of the motorcycle. NCT chose the latter and re-did the complete body work and a slimmer tank to give the motorcycle an added envy.

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  • Tank: A new chiseled custom made tank by NCT
  • Bench (Tail): A custom tail section with seat embedded tail light and cow leather upholstery
  • Bench (Side): A suitable side cover and front fender
  • HandleBar/Turn signals (Front): An aggressive LSL handlebar and front turn signals at the end of the fork
  • Exhaust system: A chopped stock exhaust pipe


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Engine Capacity: 740 ccm

Power: ~58 HP

Engine (Bore/Stroke): 85mm/66mm

Torque: 59 NM @ 3500 rpm


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